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    The Launch is finally here!

    Welcome to my new look website and logo! I cannot tell you how thoroughly chuffed I am with it all. 

    Thanks goes first and foremost to website designer Jon Broadbent and his wife Charlotte who have worked tirelessly (and put up with my daft questions) in order to get my little project properly off the ground- whilst also running their own successful business 'Little Birdie House' and managing a young family!

    You're both stars and I thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Jon made all the decision making utterly painless because he knew exactly what I was looking for. I'm just amazed that looking at pretty girly things for the past couple of months hasn't driven him stir crazy. 

    Thanks to Jon who designed the new logo and Tiny Box Company, we now  have some rather posh keep-sake boxes for your lovely accessories  - this is something I've been wanting to update for  a while now, as like most girls, I'm a sucker for a pretty box... (and men say they can't figure us out?)

    As you've also probably guessed, this is my first ever blog, so forgive these ramblings,  I promise they'll get better!  The aim of my blog section is to keep you posted on upcoming projects within the wedding industry, to share cheeky and informative wedding related articles and what not; basically anything and everything to help you  with your wedmin.... or distract you from it! So please by all means leave constructive comments on the blogs.

    Fingers crossed we have some styled shoots in the pipeline which I will be eager to share, but for now, my lips are sealed!

    I'm hoping to design and create at least two new collections per year, each Spring and Autumn, so please keep an eye out for updates on new modern and vintage pieces. If you're a local gal, Ramsey and Emma from 'Village Brides of Long Compton'. will gladly show you  a selection of  ATL accessories currently on display in their award winning bridal shop. You can also catch me at 'The Vintage Wedding Fayre' in Cheltenham  and Worcester this Autumn.

     I really wanted my first blog  to boast pics of a glamorous launch party, but to be honest, I'm so busy that it was decided an online launch party would suffice and involve a lot less tidying up !(I promise I was not at all swayed by my phobia of public speaking.) Fear not though, I will  be cracking open the champers with the hubbs this Friday evening to the Kaiser Chiefs in celebration!

    Finally, I want to finish by saying  thank you to everyone who has shared, liked and supported All Things Lucy these past 18 months and thanks to all the lovely brides I have had the pleasure in working with so far, I'll be raising my glass to you guys and all the future brides to come. 

    Love Lucy x


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